Virtual Cats

Virtual Cats
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Digital subversion organization loosely aligned with the Cyberian Network. It emerged in the 9200's from unknown origins, announcing itself as a digital company of sociocultural mercenaries. The Cats specialize in information warfare, sophisticated political and economic subversion, memetic warfare, and whole-system perversion. Their earliest well-documented strike was against the Vadeep Normalization College in the MPA in 9253, where they successfully infiltrated and destroyed the organization economically, politically, and socially by inserting a number of frauds, scandals, and political mistakes into the group's operations and then instigated the media attention. Since then they have taken a number of contracts on various institutions, societies, and polities in the Wormhole Nexus.

Their most famous attack was the disruption of the Ömktari logosphere, a sizable Middle Regions polity in the NoCoZo. In 9739-9748 they slowly undermined the stability of the region without even the guardian AIs noticing anything amiss, until the Cats "pulled the plug" on most social infrastructure in 9748. As the economy, social network databases, and personal transports ceased to work, and memetic seeds planted years before blossomed, the logosphere just ceased to exist as a unified entity and in fact collapsed to become a mere cluster of co-cultural worlds. Most likely the attack was sponsored by competing interests, possibly the Iw Jyk Kje corporatism.

The Cats have official headquarters on Fata Morgana, but are an exclusively virtual group. Members appear to be virtuals, posthumans, and AIs, distributed across the Inner Sphere networks but sending copies wherever needed. They have access to extensive computing resources and great inter-clade practical sociological skills.

The Solar Dominion makes no secret that it considers the Cats a dangerous terrorist group, and has done its best to unravel the organization. They also allege that it is actually a front for the Orintergen AI-clone. However, no activity unambiguously associated with that group has been demonstrated since 9951.

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Text by Anders Sandberg
Initially published on 12 December 2001.