Pulp Hero
Heroic yet caricature-like artificial biont created according to stylized and absurdly one-dimensional fashions of pop-culture.

For as long as sapient beings have existed there has been the need for the popular or "pulp hero", the unrealistic flawless hero, the hero with polished teeth and a strong jaw, surrounded by a cast of characters that have no purpose but to either support or hinder the hero. Originally part of a simple archetypal narrative to entertain the common folk, a fable of mythologies, oral folklore, hardpaper novels, 2D cinema and TV, interactive virch, idorus, and 3D, in the civilized galaxy pulp heroes were given actual physical existence, first in dramatic morality plays being acted out by transapient beings for the benefit of ordinary sapient beings, but also as public entertainers that are hired out to polities for simple public entertainment.

Unlike superheroes, pulp heroes do not have exceptional powers, although their physical; strength and cunning may be developed to a high degree. Much of their ability depends on what seems like outrageous dumb luck, but is actually a cunning use of nanotech, utility fog and and micro-angelnetting.

Sometimes one finds an entire zooeum with a whole collection of steely-eyed heroes, to tempt/taunt/tease the baselines into heroics, all the more heroic due to their relatively frail condition....
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Development Notes
Text by M. Alan Kazlev, Peter Kisner, John B
Initially published on 21 August 2002.