Combination of a museum with a zoo, an educational, edutainment, and/or preservation center with both live exhibits and collections in stasis from all over the galaxy.

Various specialized zooeums include the Karol Zooeum of Heroes; the vast Biohistorical Zooeum of the Amalgamated Paleorestoration Society, stocked with lazurogened life from all the ages of Old Earth; Medieval Zooeums stocked with chimera-spliced bionts of legend and myth such as chimerae, bunyips, ki rin and manticores; the Zooeum of Political Life, complete with your favorite assassination series recreated in both 'factual' and 'true' versions (including parts recycled between shows); the Zooeum of the Fall, famous for its exhibits of the Solsys Dark Ages habs, and many others.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev and John B
Initially published on 03 May 2002.