Famous First Federation Age virch character - an intelligent canine stuck in a world with doorknobs, thumb-print sensors, silverware, and other inconveniences. Poozer was an edutainment series, with disembodied children attempting to assist Poozer with advice.

One of the great breakthroughs was the fact that this series was a one-on-one, not a group setting. This allowed the children to work things out on their own - no peer pressure, no brighter children pushing them past concepts they hadn't grasped, no slower children dragging them over ground they already had covered.

Unfortunately, this led to less social interaction for the Poozer fans. Which, inevitably, led to trouble in those clades and sects which utilized heavy 'Poozering' - training via Poozer.

When the corporates get a good thing, they milk it for all its worth. There were Poozer net-interfaces, Poozer search agents, Poozer (S<<1) vecs, and other derivatives through the power of mass merchandising.

These people rarely interacted with the world except through their Poozer(s), which often (to their poor warped minds) became combined into one. The interfaces and hardware were smart enough to realize that a search request goes to the search agent, a command to open a door to the vec, and so on - but they tended to treat others as mere objects in their virch.

Hence, 'Poozer' has become a term of denigration - someone who desperately needs help.
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Text by John B
Initially published on 12 February 2002.