Xo La Y
Minor Solarist clade of nanotech cyborgs. Until the Ergod Munts Affair they were mainly known for their unusual encrypted mental architecture and fractal cluster intelligence. Each individual can act as both an independent individual and exchange part of its mindstate with other clade members within network reach, creating an approximation of a collective intelligence but able to handle interstellar distances at the price of slower collective decision-making.

As their involvement in the destruction of Ergod Munts became known, suspicion that the clade was more than just a collectivist movement increased. They have been implicated in a wide variety of secret activities, including infiltration, datanapping, chaos warfare, and memetic sabotage, possibly as agents for an unknown faction in the Dominion government.

It is a common belief that the Xo La Y are a Dominion anti-Cyberia group. A splinter group, the Xo La Zu, have recently joined the Communion claiming the need for political asylum and protection from both the Dominion and anti-Xo La forces in the Inner Sphere.
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Text by Anders Sandberg
Initially published on 13 December 2001.