Mystery Planet 2
Image from Ron Bennett

Star HD 332518
Type K5 V
Distance from Sol 72 ly

Planet Qjellto
Type Arean
Mass 0.3 Earths

Former Cygexpa world.

This small planet in the Inner Sphere was paraterraformed in 2100 AT. It was settled over the next few centuries by retroists and low-tech peripatetics. It developed quietly until 2654 AT when an outbreak of the Babel plague destroyed the language centers of 78% of the population. As coordination broke down, even the relatively simple society of Qjellto crashed.

Within a few months over 12 million people had died, either of starvation, accidents or conflicts between bands of looters. When relief ships arrived, many refused neural reconstruction treatments due to their beliefs. Enough were restored to recreate some of the pre-disaster society. Among the survivors an aphasic movement developed, based on the idea that the virus actually is a sacrament returning mankind to its pre-linguistic days.

The aphasics congregated on the Hrek worldhouse, which in 4896 AT became a Utopia Sphere enclave run by the archailect Nameless One. The Qjellto society elsewhere developed into a fairly typical multiurban Inner Sphere society, eventually joining the Zoeific Biopolity in 9405 AT.

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Text by Anders Sandberg
Initially published on 19 December 2001.

Star changed from 17 Cygni to HD 332518; 17 Cygni is now Relay 1. (2022-02-22, by The Astronomer)