Naso Corporation

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Maker and distributor of various nanite-based cleansing agents.

The Naso Corporation was founded during the early Interplanetary Age. Over several decades it grew in popularity and size to be one of the large solar system corporate conglomerates. During the Technocalypse it evolved into a maker and distributer of active blue goo defenses. The Naso Corporation and affiliated habitats were one of the stronger survivors of the Technocalypse dark age. Since then the Naso Corporation has expanded into a large trade organization still specializing in nanite based products.

The corporation, currently known as the Naso Trade Federation, is really now more of a distributed polity with its own internal politics and culture. The Naso Corporation is now simply a name as the organization technically no longer exists as a corporate entity. However, there is still a distributed network of businesses, colonies, worlds, and products that were an outgrowth of its early power and influence.

In the current era, NTF is a loose alliance of businesses and systems whose origins stem from the original Naso Corporation. The Naso Trade Federation is a NoCoZo affiliate, which is lead by the Great Steward. The Great Steward is a S3 power that organizes and maintains the Naso Trade Federation's various functions.

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