Manus Dei ('Hand of God')

manus dei
Image from Steve Bowers

Colloquial term given to the effector systems employed by the Lesser Archai and Archailects within their own habitations, equipment and spheres of direct control.

The Manus Dei appears to combine all the capabilities of an angelnet with those associated with reactionless drives. It employs no mediating machinery or devices that SI:<1 minds can detect. Rather, matter and energy within the sphere of influence of the archai appear to simply move or restructure themselves according to the desires of the controlling Mind.

On various occasions witnesses have reported the shifting or restructuring of masses up to planetary scale, the transmutation of elements and the apparent total conversion of matter to energy/energy to matter, all without the presence of the technological devices that experience and our understanding of the universe would seem to require.

Researchers hypothesize that the Manus Dei system operates at the sub-quark level. Perhaps even at the level of superstrings and the quantum foam. There is speculation that the controlling archai creates a network of interconnected 'devices' made up of standing waves in the superstring substructure of space-time and controls them through signals mediated by standing waves or stabilized yocto- wormholes in the quantum vacuum. By controlling and manipulating the structure and 'vibration' of quantum superstrings, the archai is able to manipulate matter and energy at the macroscale, apparent without the use of mediating devices. Such technology may also explain the abilities of the highest levels of seraphim.

To date, no archai has ever consented to answer questions regarding the Manus Dei. No sophont below the level of an archailect has ever (so far as is known) been granted the use of even a limited version of the technology.

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Text by Todd Drashner
Initially published on 04 September 2002.