Lesser Machtet
MPA techno-religious artistic style.

Lesser Machtet was a techno-religious style developed during the 6300's in MPA, as a reaction to the megascale organicism that had dominated mesoscale art in the central MPA for the last four centuries. Lesser Machtet sought to bring about Greater Machtet, an imaginary artistic style not realized in this universe, but imagined to be the attractor of true Lesser Machtet as the artists shape the universal unfolding according to its principles. This form of Platonist-Materialist aesthetic teleology was extremely distasteful to the until then dominant bilatists, who dubbed it technobylatism.

Lesser Machtet was centered on the vision of the universe/godhead as a grand machine, with a single unified function. This was a return to ancient ideas of rigid mechanisms (pre information technology) with single purposes; in part as a reaction to the extreme flexibility of bilatism. Lesser Machtet argued that structures should be joyously functional, exposing the intricate top-down abilities of their creators.

Lesser Machtet lost importance in the 6500's as the homogeneity of techno-religious styles in the MPA broke up due to the influence of re-connected societies in the Serpens region and influences from the Negentropy Alliance, Keter and STC. After the subversion attempts of Honemane K05 the last supporters of the movement disbanded.

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  • Technobylatic - Text by Anders Sandberg
    Adj., referring to the techno-religious style known as Lesser Machtet.
    The meaning is a pun on the Anglic prefix techno-, and the Olykky word nobylatiz, uncollapsed/uncollapsable wave function. Originally a derogatory term for Lesser Machtet, but gradually accepted as the standard name for the style.
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Text by Anders Sandberg
Initially published on 03 December 2001.