Honemane K05
MPA artist-engineer, 7233-7804.

Cloned in the Gyros habitat (Djed Sigma band) by the Tarendra clade 7233 and downloaded with internal alife demons to promote artistic development, Honemane K05 rebelled against the strong bilatism of his home-culture and began to learn the arts of metal-shaping and ancient engineering. After 7304 he produced a long series of sculpture-machines in traditional styles, embodying the ideas of Lesser Machtet in the form of functional systems.

In 7549, following the gradual decay of Lesser Machtet, Honemane K05 apparently underwent a personal crisis and began to attempt memetic subversion. E retreated from public life to the orthogonal bands of Djed, where he and a handful of supporters (the Technobylatic Collapsers) began to develop tools for a resurgence in interest in Machtet. In order to promote the tenets of his art he constructed a virus infecting common silsur materials. The virus manipulated the materials to emit subliminal signals in the form of modulated silence, spreading using acoustic signals.

The subversion virus spread far and wide both in Djed and connected systems. The subliminals did have a pro-Machtet effect, but due to an oversight or possibly sabotage from one of the supporters (Grahile On Leo, later a self-proclaimed devastationist) it also produced brain wave entrainment and depressive symptoms in many humanoids. When the virus was discovered it entered an overt mode, amplifying its effects seriously and causing widespread havoc. The authorities were forced to release silsur-eating blue goo, causing major economic and aesthetic devastation.

Upon hearing the news, Honemane K05 immediately set his escape plan into action and accelerated out-system using a small ship. It was nearly caught by the Djed control systems, but managed to escape thanks to an unexpected cache of antimatter. The artist fled to Second Son, a system 130 lightyears away, likely believing that he could hide in the chaos of the unlinked barbaric system. Unfortunately for him Second Son had both been united and linked to Revoltpri in the meantime, and he found himself surrounded by enforcement cruisers upon arrival. Rather than stand trial he chose to deactivate the antimatter containment and vanished in a cloud of ambiplasma.

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Development Notes
Text by Anders Sandberg
Initially published on 07 November 2001.