Capital of The Grand Confluence, a multi-clade civilization.

IC 4756
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An asteroid and volatile-rich system in the Sparks Cluster (IC 4756)(shown above)

The Grand Confluence

The Grand Confluence is a multi-clade civilisation in the Sparks, a local stellar cluster (IC 4756), attracting other species to join into the "grand confluence". It is a large, somewhat expansionist asymptote civilisation.

The Grand Confluence apparently developed around a very early (pre-First Federation?) AI probe ("The Founder") from the Sol system, that for its own reasons set up a "waystation" to build various transapientech devices in orbit in the very asteroid- and volatile-rich system now called Scintilla. Later various clades arrived, likely intrigued by the emissions from the now long defunct transapientech factories. They traded, fought, combined and synthesized for a long time before developing into the current form, not unlike the development of Gerkletoss. Over time a stable religion/philosophy has developed, where all beings are invited to join the unique and all-encompassing stability and confluence the civilisation can offer.

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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 03 December 2001.