House Digital Diamond
Not a real "House" by Sephirotic standards, more a clade with some vec ceremonial, but the Novamedia name stuck. The result of a merger/fusion/hybridisation in 3847 AT between the TRHN ai Digital Dreams #10010110110110110 and the early Post-Diamond Belt clade Diamond Light. House Digital Diamond was a hyperfast clade that had friendly relations with sephirotic artificials, but remained wary of bionts. The clade lasted for some 550 years before further cladisation and evolution in the period 4390-4461. It is widely believed that some of these offshoots hijacked several Metasoft autowars during the Version War and used them to establish a unique civilization in the Perseus Rift, but the Version Tree has always denied the rumor.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 07 November 2001.