Elephant Provolve World

Hhrraiirah Sunset on the Veldt

Star: YTS 187-009-1711
Type: G0 V
Luminosity: 2,2 x Sol
Distance from Sol: 1981 ly
Constellation: Puppis
Colonised: 5533 AT

(Sophic League) The home of the Hrruuaiih Sufant clade, developed from African elephants. Hhrraiirah is a terraformed ex-Venusian type world of 0.85G, and covered in verdant savanna, with large biocities clustered along the equatorial region of the main continent Hrriiihhhhauahh.
Image from Steve Bowers
A number of other sapient species live on the surface and in orbitals, but most of the political power is entrenched in Hrruuaiihian hands (or trunks, as the case may be). Most of the other worlds in the system have been terraformed or paraterraformed, and each has its own uplift species. The system is serviced by a single medium-gauge wormhole.

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Development Notes
Text by M. Alan Kazlev
inspired by the ideas of Kevin Self
Initially published on 07 November 2001.