Despite remaining a dream of mindkind since time immemorial, faster than light travel (warp drive, hyperspace, etc) remains as elusive now as it ever was. The oft-repeated assertion among some FTL proponents that traversable wormholes provide a form of FTL is incorrect. Wormholes do not constitute real FTL, but rather a local curvature in space-time, allowing an object to move between two distant points at normal (slower than light) velocity.
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    Unconfirmed rumors of teleportation effects that occur at superluminal velocity. Despite popular belief in some less educated and more eccentric and non-scientific nearbaseline cultures who claim that archai civilizations, and advanced hypothetical alien races have this technology, there has never been a single instance of FTL teleportation that has ever been validated. In fact FTL teleportation, like any form of FTL, would disrupt causality, and is not possible in this physical universe.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 29 October 2001.