Warpship That Returned, The
Although according to the Warpship Myth Cycle, although several thousand warpships have been constructed within the Civilized Galaxy alone, these were generally considered to be one-way vessels, since no warpship has ever been heard of after launch. However, there is one variant of this that refuses to die, and that is The Warpship That Returned.

According to this tale, a ship made by Tremozefan emself (or by Node 5 the Maker, or by the Golantium Megastructure, or by The Power Yaliadral, or by Driao Possibility Artist, or by...) once did return. This ship was crewed by posthuman cyborgs (or by superturing vecs, or by ship-interface neogens, or by hu superiors) who discovered why the other ships had not returned (their drive malfunctioned several hours into operation, they were thrown into another dimension, they came back millions (or billions) of years in the future, they were eaten by hyperspace monsters, they discovered a supreme utopia...etc. etc.) and were able to correct this problem in flight. Moreover, the data they provided Trem (or Node 5 the Maker, or...) meant that all future warpships could be made safe. Shortly thereafter, Trem was approached by the Keterist emissary 1257802 (or Node 5 the Maker coincidentally lost interest in the project, or...) and the safe ships were never made. In this way the archailects were able to retain their hold on sapient and lower transapient civilization, and keep the technology to themselves.

However, the original Warpship That Returned (variously called Daedelus, Enterprise, Alcubierre, Borde (this is a popular name in Dominion versions of the myth, in which it is always a rival sephirotic that suppresses the knowledge), etc) and eir crew were allowed to go free. Infuriated by the interference by higher toposophics, but realizing it would be hopeless to contend against the high level archailects, they traveled beyond the furthest periphery (this being easy in their many times faster than light vessel) and established their own civilization.

In frequent, more messianic, versions of this legend, it is said that, one day, the descendants of The Warpship That Returned and eir crew will return to Terragen civilization at the head of a vast fleet of FTL warpships, and give the secret of FTL travel to all who want it, even the lowliest plebhu.

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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 16 December 2003.