Freedom of Computing
A controversial concept brought to the foreground in the mid 2400's regarding the freedom of SI:<1 sentients to rely on their own choices of software and hardware platforms.

Freedom of Computing was by no means a new idea, as it dated back to the information age Old Earth. In its Establishment and pre-Empires age guise it was predominantly championed in the NoCoZo, and heavily resisted in both the Negentropic Alliance and the Metasoft Version Tree.

With the appearance of the poly-state organonano processor in the 2600's, however, and a broad-based highly inclusive software base state, this issue was effectively dropped. There was a brief retro-chic fad in the 3900's which brought back a couple of the supposedly 'most efficient' non-polystate processing operating systems, but this was apparently a memetic assault on the several polity's software efficiencies leading up to a large scale series of corporate takeovers in 3966.
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Text by John B
Initially published on 11 June 2002.