Fornius Tup'arrah

Home of a proud clade of 'vampire' near-baseline humans

Fornius Tup'arrah
Image from Steve Bowers
Planet in the Queenus Nine system notable for a population of vampires known as the Tan'gg DruU. Distinguishing the Tan'gg DruU from other vampire cultures is the adoption by Tan'gg DruU society of a moral high code known as the Gor'dan Thi'tsu. This code, which is rigorously adhered to by the vampire population, precludes the involuntary "victimization" of any non-vampire sophont. Issuing planetary edicts is the governing Bloodthane, with each edict binding upon the entire Tan'gg DruU population.

A much larger population of nearbaseline 'normal' humans also exists on this world, safe in the knowledge that they are protected by the Gor'dan Thi'tsu, and will only be 'preyed upon' if they give their consent. Because of the enticing, quasi-erotic nature of human/vampire relations, a small but significant fraction of the nearbaseline population give their consent to become 'victims', either on a temporary basis or more permanently. A 'normal' may also give their consent to be infected with the vampire-virus toolkit, which will slowly change them into a vampire; but this treatment is also governed by the Gor'dan Thi'tsu code and is only rarely administered (in order to keep the vampire population down).
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Development Notes
Text by Charles Mosteller
Additional material by Steve Bowers
Initially published on 29 October 2001.