Ghane III
Ghane III Ancient
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Ghane III before colonisation, an EoGaian world with a nitrogen/carbon dioxide atmosphere of around 0.8 bars. This represented a relatively easy target for the terraformation technology of the time.
Ghane III 2700AT
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Ghane III in 2700 AT after the initial terraformation process was complete
Ghane III 2731AT
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Ghane III immediately after the civil war, with flooding caused by aggressive environmental warfare
Ghane III today
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Ghane III today, the site of a thriving underwater tourism and exploration industry
Star HIP 11923
Type G5
Luminosity 1.66 x Sol
Distance from Sol 162 LY Constellation: Andromeda
Right ascension: 02h33m53.73s
Declination: +49°30'21.7"

Gaian Type world originally of Hyl Op culture (see here for more details). Flooded due to a terraformation failure during the civil war. Now aligned with the Solar Dominion.

Water-adapted clades such as merpeople, megapteras and enhanced dolphins now live in the shallow waters surrounding the new coastlines. Although most of the concrete-based structures have long vanished, sturdy stone-built structures often survive; most durable of all are certain diamondoid structures built in the last years of the Hyl Op culture

The submerged cities of  Ghane III
Image from Steve Bowers
Divers search the submerged cities of Ghane III for salvage
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