Fluent Veil
Smart fabric veil worn by many citizens in the Solar Dominion and some other polities.

The veil integrates a number of functions and capabilities including color and shape changing abilities and data links to the local cybercosm. However its primary function, and the origin of its name, is to act as a translation system between various languages. The veil absorbs the sound waves of the wearers voice, reconfigures them into any of several preprogrammed languages being used by the listener, and re-emits them while retaining the sound of the speakers voice. Fluent Veils were originally used as translation devices in the early days of solar and later Dominion civilization before being replaced with the more common implant based translation matrices. In the current era, they remain in use as a popular clothing accessory used to generate appropriate background tones or overlay music to enhance the wearers voice.
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Text by Todd Drashner
Initially published on 15 April 2003.