Gardener's Domain, The
Image from Anders Sandberg
Fruitflyer in the jungle of Insula Draconis, a world in the Gardener's Domain. These delightful creatures are composed of ultra light shells with hydrogen floatation bladders. Sometimes Kaivoles flick an exoskeletal limb to change direction or push away from a hinder, but mostly they just drift in small flocks. Larvoles on the other hand fly with sinous strokes. Both species are very sensitive to fire, and will easily catch fire if they come too close.

A breakaway part of the Keter Dominion with experimental and artistically designed worlds.

The Gardener is an AI cluster that creates new ecologies as a kind of art. It literally designs life, filling world after world with creative, beautiful, bizarre, horrifying or just odd lifeforms. Some worlds it has created have conditions which resemble Old Earth quite closely, while others are very different.

It is more aligned with the Zoeific Biopolity than the Caretaker Gods, and doesn't seem to care much for local modosophonts as long as they don't interfere with its projects.
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Text by Anders Sandberg
Initially published on 01 November 2001.