Image from Steve Bowers
A Blefuscan individual converses with a normal-sized nearbaseline human
A sophont who chooses miniaturisation as a lifestyle. Some clades are genegineered to be as small as possible; the limiting factor is the complexity of a biont brain, which cannot support true sophonce in a volume smaller than the skull of a provolved bird such as an African Grey.

A human-equivalent aioid brain can be very small, but increasing the computation ber unit volume also increases the heat per unit volume, so very small human-equivalent individuals require efficient cooling. One extreme example of miniaturisation is the clade of tiny synthetic humans who live in Buanikon; equipped with brains that use Ultimate Chips for most of their processing requirements, these humanoid beings are less than a centimetre high.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 09 October 2001.