Buanikon, Bottle City Of
Clade Kyvanian are miniaturised synthetic humans, less than a centimetre tall, who are confined to the micro-city of Buanikon in Epsilon Aurigae B accretion disc orbit. This habitat is less than a hundred metres long but holds a hundred million Kyanions in a scaled city environment.

The tiny bodies used by this clade are extremely strong compared to their height, and since the entire habitat is filled with specialised utility fog the Kyvanians are capable of almost completely unlimited freedom of movement and action.

Because of limited space, entry to this habitat is restricted to minaturised clades and provolved arthropods.

Warnings to miniaturised clades entering this environment

Be prepared for feats of strength and speed as they like to show off.

Do not attempt sexual congress.

This clade uses a miniature chemical reaction drive for rapid flight. During periods of intense flight traffic breathing apparatus is advised.
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Development Notes
Text by Steve Bowers
Initially published on 31 December 2007.