Fast Forward

Dominion experiment in the creation of a neogenic ecosystem based on neutron matter

Hildemar's Knots
Image from Anders Sandberg
An artificial lifeform loosely based on Hildemar's Knots

Random Patterns of Harmony, a vec xenobiologist from New Eden suggested that a Terragen version of the alien Hildemar's Knot biota could be created, avoiding the innate solipsism of that species. Hildemar's Knots live inside neutron stars.

The project began in 9897 at 8846AG-b, and was named in honor of the Information Age scientist, inventor and fabulist Dr. Robert L. Forward who was one of the first Terragens to seriously propose the idea of life on such an object.

In the current era, the nuclear pasta ecosystem of Fast Forward (operating at something like a million times the rate of an organic system and with artificial assistance) is rapidly approaching the equivalent of the era of development of complex lifeforms on Earth or other Garden Worlds.

Discussions are already underway as to whether or not to eventually provolve some of the developing lifeforms to full sentience as well as courses of action should such an event occur spontaneously.
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Text by Todd Drashner
Initially published on 16 October 2002.