Destrada Incident
Historical tragedy resulting from sealant brand incompatibility.

During the Age of Expansion, the subrelativistic explorer ship Destrada, registered at Genome (SolSys outer Oort cloud) reported its destruction when an engineer attempted to apply a temporary patch to a vacuum bulkhead with what turned out to be a different brand of Sealant from that which was adhering the various panels together.

The two competing brands interacted destructively, causing large sections of the ship to decompress. The 25 1/2 hour monologue broadcast and suicide-by-vacuum by the sole survivor on board the Destrada remains rated to this day as one of the most horrific RL experiences (according to Top Ten Thousand's subscription service). The Destrada has not been salvaged as of this time, as it was heading towards galactic 'up' at a significant fraction of c when the incident occurred.
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Text by John B
Initially published on 16 February 2003.