Deneb Plexus
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Image from Kevin Williams (copyright; used with permission)
Volume of the former Cygexpa empire containing 518 star systems lying beyond the Aquila Rift; named for the region's brightest star, the blue-white giant Deneb, also called Alfa Cygni (α Cyg / 50 Cyg).

Deneb plexus was reached by neumann probes during the early Age of Expansion; but it was not until some centuries later that it was actually claimed by Cygexpa interests. Even so, and despite local stargate control, neither the distributed hyperturing Lohengrin nor eir local administration was able to truly control the region. During the Cygnus Wars both the Varadic and Arantan empires contended for ownership of the most resource rich systems, attacking the local Beamrider infrastructure with relativistic projectiles, and threatening to corrupt the engenerator waystations if either Cygexpa or any of the Inner Sphere powers intervened.

It was only during the latter years of the Integration (3800-4450 AT) that major development of the region was undertaken, and it looked like business would pick up, but the Version War meant that Cygexpa had to close their stargates, and a local recession set in.

Deneb Plexus in the current era

Lohengrin's selling off of most of the Cygexpa empire in 7247 AT has revitalized the entire volume, with new industrial, research, and hedonistic worlds developing, a massive rise in stargate construction, and the establishment of trade routes and commercial ties linked to both the Inner Sphere and the Outer Volumes polities. Not unexpectedly, Lohengrin's shareholders seem to be the ones gaining most from this, as the dismantling of the Cygexpa empire was in no way related to the giving up of local economic interests - just the opposite in fact.

Although most of the boom times have now passed, Deneb plexus remains an important locus of industry, finance, data processing, and biospheres. It is also home to some of the largest stargate manufacturing nodes outside Solar Dominion space. The volume currently encompasses at least three dozen major polities, assorted Dominion, MPA, and Zoeific systems, as well as a number of non-aligned systems, client states, corporate worlds, and free zones.

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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 09 October 2001.