Companion (status)
Hider and Semperist term of abuse for sophonts dependent on higher toposophic minds. At one time, a term of respect used by SI:>1 intellects for SI:<1 sentiences which lived and/or worked with the SI:>1. These beings were interfaces between the SI:>1 and the surrounding lower S-level culture, allowing for a smooth transfer of resources to the transapient being as needed for minimal transapient effort. Apparently pre-Technocalypse in coining, the term has since taken on a much less beneficent meaning. It is now a pejorative for any being who maintains regular interaction with a higher S-level being in most Hider clades as well as some subcultures in the NoCoZo.
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    A personal assistant; either aioid (implant or remote) or a distinct sapient being (biont or vec, domestic or zar). Depending on the type and purpose, may function as secretary, data miner, bodyguard, servant, esoteric companion, etc.
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Initially published on 16 February 2003.