Budrosa Dyson
Budrosa Dyson Sphere
Image from Steve Bowers
Budrosa Dyson Sphere is a dynamically supported suprashell containing vast computational resurces including a virtual reality cybercosm, where the uploaded population of Budrosa system now live.
Star TYC 8268-3173-1, Budrosa
Type F0v
Luminosity 5.6 x Sol
Distance from Sol 1783 ly
Constellation: Centaurus
Right ascension: 14h05m39.13s
Declination: -47°50'31.6"

Former Negentropy world, colonised in 5010 AT. A major information center, at its height housing the famed Budrosa Repository and the Centaurus biological archives.

Burosa was attacked by the Efficiency Maximisation Paradigm and 'optimized' in 5424 AT; almost the entire population of the system was forcibly uploaded and stored as data, while the Paradigm began a prorgam of intensive megaengineering. It became a central staging point for the Paradigm crusade, and all planets were dismantled to build a dynamically supported Dyson sphere and a fleet of fractalships to spread the Paradigm to nearby systems. When the Dyson Shell had enough available processing power the uploaded population was activated in a virtual reality reconstruction of the original system.

As part of the Jekaumeatrine Accords the Paradigm released copies of the the Repository, the uploaded biological archives and 263 million citizens, which were later restored at Alexandria and Ken Ferjik.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 08 October 2001.