Arenomontanus was a Meme/Mythical Pozen master of the Age of Fragmentation. Keterist Pozen practitioners had begun to refer to the imaginary great master as a way of hinting that certain statements were not to be taken as founded on anything. The usage evolved into referring to sayings that were literally unfounded, and hence examples of Gödel-Chatin zen truths that just are, with no need for support or refutation. At this point the SI:2 Pozen practitioners began to view Arenamontanus as a true master, since it not just originated profound wisdom but also originated itself from this profound wisdom. Of course, most sayings attributed to Arenamontanus, like any other master, are false sayings and not examples of the meta-enlightened one's wisdom; distinguishing the true from the false one's are a common pokoan.
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Text by Anders Sandberg
Initially published on 07 October 2001.