Megalithic 2
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The scientific study of historic or prehistoric peoples or sapients and their cultures by analysis of their artefacts, inscriptions, monuments, and other such remains, including bones, tools, artefacts, plant remains, especially those that have been excavated. Hence archaeologist There are a number of specialized fields of archaeology, of which the following are only a few:

archaeoxenology specifically the study of ancient alien (non-terragen) sapients and their cultures.

archaeoartilectology specifically the study of historical transingularity ai, especially of the Technocalypse, first federation, and inner sphere eras, through analysis of their artefacts, communications, and remains

archaeocomputology the study of ancient layers of code and software buried deep in the operating systems and relays of the Known Net, especially through retro-engineering, retrocoding, and simulation runs.
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Initially published on 07 October 2001.