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The archaeologists
Image from Darren Ryding
Archaeologists attempt to reconstruct sophont history and culture from the analysis of the physical remains left behind by previous cultures.

This discipline specialises in the examination, conservation and reconstruction of such remains and the cultures that produced them, often by use of sim and virch modelling. Since Old Earth is off limits to almost all sophonts, most archaeologists specialise in either xenoarchaeology (the study of extinct alien cultures) or colonial archaeology (the study of vanished or historical Terragen cultures).

In the current era archaeologists usually have skill- and memory- implants that include comprehensive databases concerning ancient peoples, their cultures, and their technology, settlements, and migrations, as well as wired or wetware skills on the expert use of tools and techniques of excavation and reconstruction. E may also be competent in archaic languages, and have some ability in anthropology.

See the Pre-terragen timeline for more details on ancient cultures
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev, modified from the original write-up by Robert J. Hall
Initially published on 07 October 2001.