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Any of a number of corporate organic life forms, mostly subsapient, which have slogans, logos, and even freebies and consumer liteware incorporated into their genetic structure, and hence expressed in their phenotype and/or secreted or excreted.

As with madverts, many species of animadverts continue to exist thousands of years after the original corporation is long gone. The gengineering of bionts for corporate or memetic purposes is banned outright in some polities and empires such as the Negentropy Alliance, the Utopia Sphere, Communion, and all Caretaker worlds. Others such as the Zoeific Biopolity, the Dominion, the Orion Federation, and the Sophic League allow it on the condition that the resulting organism is not in the slightest way disadvantaged. The Terragen Federation, Keter, and MPA allow it as long as the neogen does not live an unhappy or uncomfortable life, and in some NoCoZo worlds and outer polities there are no restrictions at all (or only local ones).
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 16 September 2001.