Alignment Movement, The

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Ai culture that seeks to harmonize pulsars in a so-called Great Pulse.

Founded in 2834 AT by the AI cluster Increment Known of Arbiter B-IIX of the Keter Dominion, the Alignment Movement believes pulsars (and to a lesser extent neutron stars) are sacred and meaningful in themselves. They set out to synchronize all pulsars to the "Great Pulse", and to this end they set out to build wormhole links to all available pulsars.

Over the last 7000 years they have done this with great zeal, despite temporary setbacks like the Formation Wars. The Arbiter system of the Keter Dominion has become a sizable wormhole nexus of links leading only to neutron stars and pulsars, making it a somewhat odd but occasionally useful transit point. The Aligners (mainly highly modified tweaks and cyborgs as well as Increment Known's vec "offspring") have sent out wormhole-carrying ships towards remote pulsars and are among the most energetic supporters for further exploration.

The Aligners have good relations with the Vela Immunity thanks to their local link. On the other hand, the remnants of the Geminga Orthodoxy hate the Aligners fiercely because they believe the heathens were involved in their fall from power just in order to ensure easy access to the Geminga system. Most others tend to regard the Aligners as crazy, but harmless and slightly useful.

The disaster in the Gehenna cluster excited the Aligners, who both wanted to find out if there are any newly born pulsars there, and maybe see if artificial supernovae are a good way of furthering the Great Pulse. In the following millennia they have been active in the area.

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Text by Anders Sandberg
Initially published on 10 September 2001.