Interplanetary Age biont and cyborg ideology and historical-intellectual precursor of the Clesycs, popular among some low resource and minimalist nomads, of using bionano and bacteria to recycle all of one's waste products, without having to even leave one's spacesuit or biosuit.

A simple nutrient mix (usually glucose and various added vitamins and trace elements that cannot otherwise be synthesized) is added when necessary. However, the goal of the true Autocycler is to be 100% independent of all external sources. Like 'Blazers, Autocyclers sought to colonise deep space, but according to traditional accounts, they tended to be rather dismissive of the 'Blazers and their massive and unwieldy Santa Claus Machines and Biohabitation Domes. Although there are some famous debates on record between Autocycler and Blazer ideologues, most of these have been shown to have been composed much later (mostly Integration or ComEmp, although a few may go back as far as the middle First Federation), and some revisionist scholars argue whether 'Blazers and Autocyclers came into contact at all. The term Autocycler is even still used today to refer to bionts and cyborgs who reject efficient hylonano nutrient recycling in favor of crude external bionano and prokaryote feedlots.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev
Initially published on 03 November 2001.