Watching the Aurora 3
Image from Darren Ryding

A radiant emission from the upper atmosphere that occurs sporadically over the middle and high latitudes of both hemispheres of some worlds. Auroral displays are in the form of luminous bands, streamers, and so on, and can appear in shades of red, yellow, green, blue, and violet. They are caused by the bombardment of the atmosphere with charged solar particles that are being guided along the planet's magnetic lines of force. Also known as northern or southern lights, or simply lights.

Skeblu aurora
Image from Steve Bowers
The neon aurora on Skeblu

Among the old Inner Sphere worlds, the auroral displays of Corona are well known, though they are not as spectacular as those found on more recently settled outer worlds like Skeblu, Tarini, and Alska.

Corona 2
Image from Steve Bowers
Corona is named for these colourful and persistent auroras,
caused by interactions between Iota's stellar wind and the planet's strong magnetic field.
(The word Corona is displayed using the Academic script, widely used across the Terragen Sphere)

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