Ayan-4 Affair
During the early re-colonization of the Serpens region a culture of cyborgs at Ayan-4 was discovered. The cyborg culture had apparently been isolated in the region during the Version War and had developed in total isolation. Anthropologists studied the culture with interest, but within two decades it was largely forgotten. Like most similar cases it was largely absorbed into interstellar culture and the members scattered widely.

In 6766 the Murmant announced that it had discovered evidence that the Ayans were in fact a forgery. During explorations of Keterist databases it had uncovered evidence showing that a group of posthuman entities had constructed the entire Ayan culture a few years before contact was achieved with the rest of the wormhole nexus in order to gain an authentic stream of human experience. The Ayan cyborg brains were designed to shunt experience into the Keterist nets, turning them all into independent sources of authenticity for experience.

The discovery caused protests, and the unnamed posthumans withdrew. The oldest generation of Ayans immediately died, leaving their descendants to pick up the pieces. While the majority vanished into other clades, a small group of diehard Ayans remained at Ayan-4 and elsewhere, steadfastly holding onto their culture and claiming its authenticity.
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Text by Anders Sandberg
Initially published on 02 November 2001.