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A specialist in the study and dissemination of advanced knowledge, in philosophical and legal fields, and in memetics. May act as an advisor, oracle, or as legal representative.

Advocates are interested in and highly knowledgeable about many theoretical or applied scientific, toposophic, memetic and noetic fields of learning. Their knowledge includes a wide sweep of history, terminology, current controversies, technological applications, and the various tools of the trade, although they will generally also specialize in a favourite field of expertise. They are almost always augmented with extensive computronium implants, wetware and/or cyberware, and are of superbright or even S1 intelligence or above.

Advocates can easily converse both with lay-sentients and specialists on many scientific subjects, and can explain complex theories in a comprehensible manner. Often they serve as heralds for higher toposophic entities, or may accompany Sephirotic ships or seraiph. Each Solar Dominion missionary ship for example has at least one Advocate among the crew.
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Text by M. Alan Kazlev; based on original by Robert J. Hall
Initially published on 31 December 2001.