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We touched down at Aspen, only yesterday, and already I feel the cold. Although the skiing isn't bad, of course being the largest ski resort on the planet does have its advantages. Of course the trip down from Hawaii Orbital was interesting, as most of the trip was served with commentary, free drinks, from the local oceans. As we rest in our hotel, deciding what was on our agenda, my partner scans the newscasts and holo's for news of her favourite sports, as I scanned our daily activities.

There's lots to do on Pacifica; This evening we will be dining at the hotel's New Seabed restaurant; a clever design if you ask me, it is all encased in PolyGlass, so we can see local inhabitants swimming around.
Tomorrow we will visit what is called the School of Schools, a virtual floating City, an Atoll of the floating and flying cities and schools. The entire atoll is filled with boats, greenzeps and temphomes. It is a mixture between a festival, a market, huge party, a great place for people like us.

Since we will be here only for a few weeks, we plan to take a private sub and go exploring the depths; and we may try our hand at some of the other marine Sports available here; and we may have a chance to see Armstrong University as well. And then go onto our private floating Villa for the rest of our stay.
The most difficult thing on this World to get used to is the day length; it is 25 hours 23 minutes long, an extra Hour compared with our world.
Never mind, we have come at the right time of year, (Non Hurricane season). So plenty of Sun, and lots to do.

By Grant Thomas (2008)

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