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Hey there!
Hey! My name is Chris. I'm a recreational science fiction author from New York. I spend a good portion of my time on the internet on Wikia wikis, many of which I actively administrate.

I have been an avid fan of Orion's Arm for at least a year now, and just took it upon myself to sign up. Prior to joining I explored the EG lore pretty extensively, so I hope that my understanding is on par with most of the established community's. I look forward to becoming a regular member of the Orion's Arm community and working with you all! In fact, I'm heading to post a few EG entry drafts and ideas I have worked out right away, if any of you would be interested in helping to review them.

Cheers, Wink
Hi, Chris!

Please feel free to submit whatever you wish. Sometimes we will dissect the concept in some detail before putting it on the site, while at other times it passes through the editing process quite quickly. So don't worry if we discuss it at great length, or if we just pass it straight through -either way, we value original contributions of all kinds.
Welcome to the forums! Smile feel free to post any questions or ideas. There's usually a fair bit of debate like Steve says but please don't let that put you off, if anything it's often very fun.
Hi, Welcome to OA!

Please post away - we're always looking for new content to add to the setting, and as Rynn says the discussions around a given idea can be lots of fun.


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