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OA is my Iain M. Banks substitute
Thanks for the warm welcome!

Sorry I haven't been back on sooner but raising a new puppy has taken a bunch of my time.

I am an e-cig user myself--as the one friend I bummed "the real thing" off of switched to an e-cig, I had no choice. I have a fairly decent unit myself--it's basically a battery the size of a pack of smokes with a digital readout showing wattage, voltage, power and the resistance of the cartomizer/atomizer/hot coil "upper" that is plugged into the "bottom". It has a USB out so it also doubles as a cell/tablet charger. I order my "juice" form an online retailer who will assemble just about any custom blend I desire.

As far as an OA article goes, I think that other intoxicants/drugs will follow nicotine in this delivery method (caffeine and melatonin are already available from some suppliers), THC being the logical first big expansion--I imagine we will see this out of Washington or Colorado sometime soon, considering all the legal hash oil production going on in those areas now. More sophisticated "e-rigs" might be able to mix drug and flavor combinations at user request--probably by voice command. A nanotech rig would probably synthesize the drugs and flavoring agents on demand.

My ideas on Superior family structure are pretty vague at the moment, but I think the "Shaper Ring Council" from Sterling's Schismatrix with it's planned clan structure might be a good starting point.

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