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(06-07-2023, 12:55 PM)TheOkayGuy Wrote: Inconsistency in (Fubas Clone Goo Event)

"Fubaii" and "Fubasii" are both used as the plural of "Fubas", where one term should be used

The term "Fubasii" is also present in (Jilunan (world)):
Population: 2613 billion Fubasii (augmented superior)

Another inconsistency is present in these articles: (Magmatter Dreadnoughts) (Dreadnought (ship)) (Cruiser)
All three of these articles use the term "Dreadnaught" which does not correlate with the usage of "Dreadnought", as well as a spelling error in the Dreadnought (ship) article: "Usually a Dreadbnaught is supported by..." (and if there is meant to be proper punctuation, a period should be placed at the end of the last sentence.)

I recommend replacing the Dreadnaught terms with Dreadnought as it would be a pain to change all of the titles of other Dreadnought related articles.
I think the plural term used in connection with the Fubas event is supposed to be Fubasii, and Fubaii is just a typo. The Jilunan article needs a bit more detail (for instance, are there 2613 billion Fubasii on the planet Jilunan, or is that the total population of the solar system? Reading the article about the Fubas Clone event, this is supposed to be the population of the whole system, not just the planet). I'll adjust that.

I agree that Dreadnought should be the correct term, even though the actual term used in that era would probably be significantly different. We use the conceit that the Encyclopedia Galactica is a translation into current-day English from the numerous types of language used in the far future, so many of the words and neologisms are fairly arbitrary.
Apparently 'dreadnaught' is more of an alternative spelling than an error - at least per Wikipedia and some other sources that come up when you search on it. However, the bulk of sources use 'dreadnought' so I suppose we should as well.

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I've added planetary names to the Jilunan article, all planets in this system named after famous Dominion citizens.
Jilunan is a Dominion outpost system in Sagittarius, known for the famous Fubas Clone Goo Disaster. This system has become a tourist attraction because of its large population of clones, known as the Fubasii, all derived from a single individual,

Primary: Jilunan Prime, originally an F4-type star (with the catalog number YTS 2145-098-3). Later reduced to F8 by sun mining for wormhole construction and exotic matter production
Planets: Originally ten main planets.
Rilia (hot superterrestrial) 4.5 x Earth mass, extensively mined and converted into orbiting megastructures)
Ocannerth (hot selenian) 0.3 x Earth mass (converted to shell world)
Briminie (euvenusian) 0.9 x Earth mass (now terraformed)
Jalore (lifeless gaian) 1.4 x Earth mass (now terraformed)
Rarrisoe (arean) 0.5 x Earth Mass (now completely dismantled for construction material)
Tiovis (eujovian) 52 x Earth mass (rings and many moons dismantled to build habitats and other megastructures, others paraterraformed)
Sonsuter eujovian 39 x Earth mass (rings and many moons dismantled to build habitats and other megastructures)
Dalmoni eujovian 31 x Earth mass (many moons dismantled to build habitats and other megastructures)
Chabos Ice/rock world, mostly dismantled
Keiruta Ice/rock world, partly dismantled

Affiliation: Dominion (Surya-Ramydos Prefecture)
Region: Outer Volumes (Sagittarius sector)
Colonised: 8925 AT
Population: 2613 billion Fubasii (augmented nearbaseline humans) Also 4 billion modosophonts from other clades, and a similar number of tourists (numbers vary)
Wormholes: 3
Beamrider Stations: none
Industries: tourism, narcissism, alife collections, hedonics, fine wine, sculpture, architectural templates, live performance, pop music industry, concrete and speculative philosophy, Fubas personoid virtuals, amat production

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