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Almost an Explanation for Fermi Paradox
Who has looked at Kurzegsagt's video explanation for the Fermi Paradox if DNA is the fastest evolving genetic data storage? 
Is this good for OA seeing as it still allows for intelligent life evolving within the past half a billion years?
The OA position is discussed in this article.

A number of worlds in the OA universe did acquire microbial lifeforms via panspermia; this is particularly common as a method of transfer between stars in a cluster, because the distances involved are much smaller. After a star leaves its birth cluster the opportunities for panspermia are much reduced, because stars and particularly planets are very small targets, so the chances of a viable organism transferring between stars (outside of clusters) is very small. Additional to the phenomenon of natural panspermia, we also consider 'directed panspermia', or translocation, which is the transfer of living organisms between worlds by spacefaring cultures. Translocation is quite common in the OA universe, although nobody knows whether this is true in the real universe (yet).

The majority of lifebearing planets in OA are considered to be the result of natural, in-situ abiogenesis events, and this includes life on Earth. Most life-bearing worlds in OA are microbial or prebiotic, so the fact that Earth and a small fraction of other worlds have rapidly developed macroscopic life is mostly down to chance rather than a particularly long evolutionary process.

The main lesson that sophonts in OA have learned about evolution is that you can't predict the outcome of this process from first principles - you have to go out there and examine life on a myriad of different worlds before you start to see the big picture, and even then the possibilities are very diverse.
I just thought this would be worth consideration for integration into the EG, if it holds enough substance to it. IF, included, it would explain why all civilizations based on Carbohydrates, Water, and DNA are just evolving now, and different time scales could be created for the Muuh, Soft Ones, and Rheolithoids.
Note that OA has artifacts and/or other remnants of civilizations from billions of years ago, although their biochemistry isn't always defined.
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