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March 2023 updates
march 2023 updates
 Jung 2, 54 AT (March 31, 2023)

updated articles

Godseed (major expansion)

Political Science of Higher Toposophic Minds

Direct Neural Interface 

0030 to 0130 AT: The Information Age


"New" story - written 2016 , now up on the site. 

The tale of Cinska Daitan (7 chapters, unfinished) by m.ellis

any other changes worth mentioning?
I had added some illustrations for Godseed and "Political Science of Higher Toposophic Minds" using images from other articles, for now.
feel free to replace them if you think there's a better image.
Rise of Homo Superior was totally rewritten:

Also the DNI article was just a combination of existing text, not sure that's worth mentioning alongside more substantive changes or how we usually handle that.

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