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Heya! My name's Clock on here and DokkyWokky#0500 on Discord. I'm a sci-fi nutcase, a frequent roleplayer, an avid writer, an artist, and someone with prior experience writing for settings a la Ancerious Galactic. Primarily, I'm here because I see niches and details that could be filled in OA, and could add to setting plausibility and interest! Things that folks don't normally think about: like how common heat radiators work, or why certain lamps are used, or what-have-you. I enjoy small details like that that help a setting feel more alive or thought-out, and I'd like to add some into OA myself!
Welcome Smile
Hi There - Welcome to OA!

Feel free to join in on any discussions that catch your interest or to start new ones if there's something you want to talk about in particular.

If you have any questions or concerns about the setting or how the OA community works, please feel free to ask.

Hope this helps and once again - Welcome to OA Smile

Introverts of the World - Unite! Separately....In our own homes.

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