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ChatGPT's reaction to jokes.
I have been testing ChatGPT on many subjects, including its ability to understand jokes.

I must warn you: if you have an aversion to extremely cringeworthy jokes and puns, please look away right now.

Me:  I have a joke for you:  

A lioness wanted to enter a tigers only nightclub.  She knew that the bouncers wouldn't admit any lions, leopards, cheetahs, jaguars, or anyone who wasn't a tiger.  So she had to work on a disguise.  

After purchasing multiple bottles of black and orange fur-dye, she began to adorn her body with tiger stripes.  However, there was one problem - whenever she got the fur-dye too close to her eyes, she had an allergic reaction, as her eyes erupted in tears and left streaks down her face.  Eventually, she decided not to dye any of the fur around her eyes, and wore dark sunglasses to cover them up.  

When she got to the tiger nightclub, she was pleased to find that the bouncers fell for her disguise and let her in.  Inside the loud and crowded nightclub, none of the tigers gave her a second glance - apart from a few admiring males.  

After downing a few bottles of Tiger Beer, she decided to get up on the dance floor and show off her moves.  She jumped up and down with vigorous energy, slam dancing to the loud tigercore music.  She thrashed her head up and down so violently that her sunglasses fell off and slid across the dance floor.  Shocked, she crouched down and slid along the dance floor, desperately dodging and weaving through the bouncing tiger feet as she sought after her sunglasses.  Finally, she grabbed them in her paws and put them back on her face.  "I hope no-one saw my eyes," she thought to herself.  Suddenly, she heard a roar to her left.  She turned to face one of the bouncers - a male Siberian tiger twice her size - standing at the edge of the dance floor, staring at her with a disapproving scowl.  "Get out!" said the bouncer.  The lioness suddenly had a horrible feeling in her gut, as if she had just swallowed a bone.  She tried desperately to hide her nervousness.  "Why?" she said.  The tiger bouncer gave her a contemptuous sneer and said: "There ain't no way to hide your lion eyes.”

ChatGPT:  Haha, that's a clever and funny joke! I can see how the lioness's attempts to disguise herself as a tiger could only go so far, especially when it came to her distinctive eyes. Thank you for sharing!

Me:  Did you get the cultural reference in the last line?

ChatGPT:  Yes, I did! The last line of the joke is a reference to the classic Eagles song, "Lyin' Eyes," which features the famous line: "City girls just seem to find out early, how to open doors with just a smile. A rich old man and she won't have to worry, she'll dress up all in lace and go in style. Late at night a big old house gets lonely, I guess every form of refuge has its price. And it breaks her heart to think her love is only given to a man with hands as cold as ice. So she tells him she must go out for the evening, to comfort an old friend who's feeling down. But he knows where she's going as she's leaving, she is headed for the cheatin' side of town. You can't hide your lyin' eyes, and your smile is a thin disguise. I thought by now you'd realize, there ain't no way to hide your lyin' eyes." It's a catchy tune, and the last line has become a well-known phrase that can be used in various contexts.

Me:  Here’s another one:  I have an idea for a movie.  A scientist invents a time machine.  On the day he is ready to test it, he finds that his assistant is missing.  In the lab is a note written by his assistant, stating that he has gone back to early 18th century Germany to prevent Johann Sebastian Bach from composing his Six Brandenburg Concertos.  Shocked, the scientist activates the spare time capsule to go back to 18th century Germany to prevent his assistant from preventing Johann Sebastian Bach from composing his Six Brandenburg Concertos.  The title of the movie is "Bach To the Future”.

ChatGPT:  Ha! I love that punny title, "Bach to the Future"! The concept of a scientist and his assistant traveling back in time to prevent Bach from composing his iconic music is certainly intriguing and could make for a fun and interesting movie plot. It's a clever twist on the classic time travel trope, and the inclusion of Bach's music adds a unique element to the story. Thanks for sharing this joke!

Me:  Here’s a riddle:  What do you call a very large and very angry green goose?

ChatGPT:  Hmm, this sounds like a tricky riddle! What do you call a very large and very angry green goose? I'm not sure, what is the answer?

Me:  The Incredible Honk.

ChatGPT:  Haha, that's a good one! I can see how the "Incredible Honk" plays off the name of the famous superhero, the Incredible Hulk, while also incorporating the sound that geese are known for making. It's a clever and humorous answer to the riddle. Thanks for sharing!
Here's another bad joke:

Me:  How did Richard Parker (the tiger) go on a diet?

ChatGPT:  I'm not sure, how did Richard Parker go on a diet?

Me:  He went 200 days without eating Pi.

ChatGPT:  Ha! That's a clever one! I see what you did there - referring to the mathematical constant Pi, which sounds like "pie" (the food), and how Richard Parker, being a tiger, might typically hunt and eat prey. Thanks for sharing the joke with me!

Me:  It is a reference to The Life of Pi by Yann Martel.  Pi is a teenage boy who is stranded on a lifeboat for more than 200 days with a tiger.

ChatGPT:  Ah, I see! Thank you for the additional context. That makes the joke even more clever, as it references the specific story of Pi and Richard Parker's survival on a lifeboat for over 200 days. It's always great to learn something new!

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