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I Dislike the ICOG from the Xelee Sequence
I think that the Interim Coatiltion of Governance from the Xeelee Sequence is a dumber and poorly written version of the Imperium of Man from 40k.

I think that because despite having technology so advanced they can create close timelike curves like nothing, they throw child soldiers at their enemies, including the Xelee, since to them, it's cheaper than something like time-traveling automatons. They also abuse children and use women as literal birthing machines pumped with hormones.

The ICOG literally dedicate their entire society and culture to war efforts while using ultraviolence against all non-humans as opposed to doing diplomacy and pragmatism. The reason was that they got their feelings hurt by the last batch of genocidal aliens in the 6th millennium AD and their entire ideology is just incomprehensibly petty revenge because of that.

Even though they're supposed to be a human supremacist faction, the ICOG sees every single human being, including children, as just disposable creatures to die fighting in wars, to the point where they'll go so far as to use generation ships as suicide bombs and use an entire population of a human occupied star system as meat shields for no reason. Not to mention, they'll murder any of their own kind that isn't a baseline human or an asshole towards the human race. It comes across as them not just being highly xenophobic but also highly misanthropic in the most brazenly violent way possible.

They lasted from 5408 AD to 25,000 AD despite being evil to the point of being so stupid that they shouldn't really be able to comprehend or let alone use their hyperadvanced technologies properly. So, the ICOG lasting longer than the Imperium of Man is pretty pretty illogical as hell, even with their time travel capabilities, given their sheer stupidity alone.

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