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I have found the spirit of Auvilhu!
My respects to you, travelers. Let me introduce myself: OuXPo. After 11 years of wandering in the abyss of this simulation. Here I am finally where I belong. With the privilege of having found the spirit of Auvilhu  Looking forward to meeting you.

[Image: ThefinalprizeGN.gif]
Ghost Net OuXPo  Ghost Net
That is a very interesting image - thanks! And welcome to OA!
Please note you should only have one account on the Forum, so if you would like to pick one we can delete the other. All new members need to have their first post approved before they become visible.
Welcome Smile
(07-20-2022, 06:59 AM)Dfleymmes1134 Wrote: And congratulations on your first post, after emerging!
Let us know if you have any questions Smile

Perfect than and nice to meet you. I already sent you a dm.
Ghost Net OuXPo  Ghost Net

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