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Can somebody point me to a good space opera story?
I don't know if such stories even exist within the setting, but I'm a sucker for high-stakes drama and epic quests, all nicely wrapped in a layer of existentialist philosophy and the philosophy of war. Any such stories?
Space opera set in OA? That’s why OA was originally created. I think most of the better stories are published in the two books in print , or some of the digital books. Chaos under heaven by xaonon , apotheosis by Kevin schillo, + a several others in the “against a diamond sky” + “after tranquility” books

Under the looking glass by Darren ryding is a good example, I think

Here are all of the 270(?) stories+ vingettes in OA organized as a spreadsheet,

with summaries, page count, etc , which is also linked at the top of our “stories organized by author” page (which can be accessed from the front page under “read”

I had also given an approximate rating to some of the stories as recommendations (and anyone is welcome to offer more ratings/summaries, etc

Dragons teeth, infanticide, and vagabond by Adam getchell probably count as space opera and probably have the most war descriptions 

The long forgotten war by mark ryhard involves war, philosophy of war, etc , though might be more out of date canon-wise. But otherwise fine.

Betrayals, &  the starlark by Steve bowers

Dirty hands by Theodore Bonn

If you want non-OA space opera suggestions, I have far more possibilities.
Also, in progress , on the forums
Reclamation  by macgregor, about battles on Mars during the nanoswarms period

And this ciska story, by m.Ellis (abandoned/unfinished) but lots of work went into it, so, might as well mention it

Plus Todd Drashner’s story from 2008 about a space battle with the Almagation , which might or might not get revised one day

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