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Experiment: Sticking In Dev EG Articles
Hello all,

I'm trying an experiment to hopefully make it easier to stay on top of the various EG articles in have in development/in process at any given moment.

I've gone thru the EG article sub-forum and made all of the article threads that still seemed to be going concerns Sticky. This will keep them at the top of the sub-forum rather than 'falling off the edge of the world' if too much time goes by without someone posting to the thread. If I've missed a particular article thread(s) that should be made Sticky, please point me at it and I can make it Sticky as well.

Ideally, being able to see these front and center all the time will result in them being developed and added to the EG faster and fix the issue of articles falling through the cracks just because it was a slow weekend or we got distracted or something.

When starting a new article thread - which in this case means actually writing the new or updated article text, not just discussing an idea or existing article - please ask one of the staff (mainly me at this point since this is my experiment) to make it Sticky if that doesn't happen in short order on its own.

As articles are completed and posted to the EG, they can be unStuck and fall back into the general pile of threads.

Since this is an experiment and my idea, I'm aiming to do the bulk of the labor in terms of sticking and unsticking threads and dealing with any issues (cough headaches cough) that appear as a result of this. If I'm obviously unavailable for some extended period, then I would ask my fellow members of staff to handle this (Thanks all! Smile )

Figuring to try this for about 3-6 months and see how it works. If we end up hating it/identifying a massive problem well before then, it can always be undone sooner. If it works well however, then after six months (or maybe before) we can move to have the rest of the staff get involved as well and make this the new normal.

If anyone has any questions or concerns concerning any of the above, please post them to this thread.



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