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Hello. Long-ish time wiki reader here.
(02-13-2022, 02:21 PM)alexanderhamiltonalaska Wrote: The stuff about them being mainly Aiods was more about addressing the fact that as you said a tribemind would need to at least go virtual in order to cross the S3 barrier, as well as likely making sure they were using the resources more efficiently I. E. that they at least weren't using too much more computronium than an S3 would generally need. 

An S3 entity that started out at as a tribemind or as a single mind would use the same amount of computronium/processing power. A virtual mind or tribemind would be able to run on larger arrays of computronium (big enough to host multiple S3s at once) while a non-virtual one would likely build a moon-node or equivalent.

(02-13-2022, 02:21 PM)alexanderhamiltonalaska Wrote: In terms of population I was thinking of a setup where most of the polities' population would be residing in a mass of computronium on par with what S4 intelligences would normally require for themselves, while what in relative terms is an extremely small minority represent the population that would actually be in any way visible to most observers.

As I think was mentioned earlier, an S4 is equivalent to vastly more human level minds than exist in all of the setting (it also uses processors that are beyond the comprehension of lower minds). We wouldn't allow the setting population to expand by that much if you're thinking some hugely populated virtual civilization that dwarfs everything we currently list now. Any such polity would need to fit into the existing population numbers as written.

How big of a virtual population are you thinking of?

Having a minority of the population interact with the wider galaxy is fine.


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