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First Time on the Orion’s Arm Forums and looking to contribute
I'm glad you've been able to enjoy OA!
Most inhabitants of the sephirotics life in orbital habitats rather than planets, so ... likely most stories you could write would happen in them.

Here are a few stories mentioning living in orbital habitats, though really, the characteristics may depend more on where in the timeline you write a story in. I think it helps to ask what kind of story you want to tell- An interstellar voyage? life on a more dangerous early generation ship? life on a much safer and pleasant generation ship later in the timeline? etc

here's a few articles, but many more are linked to them at the bottom of those.
generation ship
interstellar colonization

here's a few stories
The inspection- (space habitat during the dark ages)

The starlark (life aboard an early interstellar voyage)

Dirty Hands: "Mysterious relics of a vanished high-tech civilisation in the Hyades pose many questions- and threaten to change Terragen society in unprecedented ways."

Moltenceti habitat

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